Democratising the world of NFTs, is enabling businesses to join the WEB 3 ecosystem seamlessly

New Delhi, July 12: Web 3 or Web 3.0 is the talk of the town. You may or may not entirely understand it, but it’s hard not to acknowledge it anymore. The concept is often referred to as the internet of next-generation fabricated using blockchain, metaverse, NFTs and more. Many swear by it, but most of them have written it off. Some say it’s a fad, I say it’s the future. The new iteration of the web is giving power to creators. Especially the ones which offer advanced solutions paired with environmental sustainability like  It is a WEB3 NFT company focused solely on NFTs Omni stores and NFTs as a service on the Algorand Blockchain Network, the greenest Blockchain technology.

The CEO of and a Boston-based technological expert, Priya Samant, says, “The fusion of WEB 3 with eco-friendly technology is not just desirable but rather a need to save our planet from severe natural distress like global warming, climate crisis etc.

Where the green tech-based Abris enables innovative creators around the world to showcase their creativity as NFTs, empowering them to market their assets with no boundaries.

“ provides NFTs-as-a-Service (NFTaaS) to help artists, retailers, celebrities, charities, galleries, and enterprises to mint/auction their NFTs as well, enabling unique event tickets as NFTs. At Abris, we are democratizing the world of NFTs and enabling companies to join the Web3 Ecosystem seamlessly.
The platform also facilitates the selling of NFTs through credit card and a regulated crypto drop and get money directly deposited in the bank,” she added.

According to Priya, “Green technology has to be adopted to create an impact in the new wave of digitization with sustainability. For instance, Akshaya Patra Foundation USA, the world’s largest NGO feeding 1.8million children midday meals in India, has launched their Green NFTs, which are available at .  A drop to short the members of Sheroes café, who are also acid attack survivors, is dropped on Political Fundraising through NFTs for a political candidate, Shrina Kurani, who was running for US Congress, was dropped on Abris, the tech start-up, that also hosted the world’s first political metaverse gathering to celebrate Earthday.

“These initiatives aid in furthering a worthy cause, introducing the world to the new technology without leaving any carbon footprint.” was founded by three immigrants of Indian origin, Priya Samant, Thomas Arul and Babu Ganapathy. Abris is HQ in Boston, MA, in the US (in January 2022.) The technology is built on a carbon-negative blockchain, Algorand. The goal at Abris is to build a creative economy by democratizing the world of NFTs and providing easy access to Web3.

The company offers the product, a market place and NFTs as a Service in which they develop white label solutions for clients to create NFTs as utilities for industry verticals and hosting events in Metaverse.

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