Charting New Horizons in Commerce Education: UKIC’s Kumbhalgarh Excursion Blends History with Modern Business Acumen

Introduction to UKIC and Dr. Udayan Kachchhy

In the dynamic sphere of commerce education, the Udayan Kachchhy Institute of Commerce (UKIC) stands out as a beacon of innovative learning. Established in 2015, UKIC was founded on the principle of transcending traditional teaching methods by integrating practical knowledge and harnessing the power of technology to fuel students’ curiosity and drive for success. The institute’s relentless pursuit of excellence in commerce education has consistently yielded success stories, making it one of the most sought-after coaching classes for 11th and 12th standard students as well as for B.Com aspirants in Ahmedabad.

The man behind this academic revolution is Dr. Udayan Kachchhy, a distinguished Assistant Professor and visiting lecturer in the School of Commerce at Gujarat University. With a Ph.D. in Accountancy and an impressive teaching tenure spanning over ten years, Dr. Kachchhy’s expertise in Accountancy, Law, and Statistics has been instrumental in shaping the careers of countless students. His scholarly achievements are complemented by his academic writings, with numerous books bearing International Standard Book Numbers (ISBNs) and research papers in national and international journals. His accolades, including securing the 2nd university rank in M.Com and a university rank in B.Com, reflect his deep-seated knowledge and commitment to the field of commerce.

Vision, Mission, and Goals of UKIC

 UKIC is revolutionizing commerce education by blending academic rigor with practical applications. Their mission is to prepare students for global success, integrating online teaching to widen access across India. Emphasizing real-world skills, UKIC fosters critical thinking and creativity, equipping students to excel in the dynamic economic landscape. By leveraging technology, UKIC transcends traditional boundaries, offering an interactive, flexible learning environment that nurtures innovation and practical problem-solving. This approach marks a significant leap in commerce education, making UKIC a pioneer in shaping future business leaders.

Overview of the Educational Trip to Kumbhalgarh

Embracing the ethos of learning beyond the classroom, UKIC orchestrated an enriching educational escapade to the historical fortresses of Kumbhalgarh and Haldighati. This meticulously planned trip was not merely a getaway but a strategic immersion into the annals of history, tailored for commerce students to draw parallels between historical strategies and modern business practices. On 9th and 10th November 2023, students from the 11th and 12th Gujarat Board batches, including Mahek, Nirja, and Shivang from the SOBO branch, embarked on this journey from the comforts of their stay at the esteemed Everest Hill Resort.

The venture served as a canvas where the past met the present, allowing students like Pratham and Vishwa to glean insights into the economic implications of historical events. The luxurious accommodations provided a conducive environment for discussions, extending learning into the leisure hours. Dency, Dharam, and Saurya from the 12th Commerce CBSE branch relished the local flavors, feeding catfish and savoring sugarcane juice, finding joy in the simple economics of local markets.

In this sojourn, the students experienced the practical facets of commerce, be it through understanding the economics behind Kumbhalgarh’s fortifications or analyzing the supply and demand witnessed at Haldighati’s local souvenir stalls. The endeavor was a testament to UKIC’s commitment to providing a comprehensive learning experience, blending historical wisdom with the nuances of commerce, thereby enriching the educational tapestry of each student.

Detailed Account of the Trip Activities

The UKIC educational excursion to Kumbhalgarh was an intricate tapestry of activities designed to marry commerce principles with experiential learning. As the dawn broke on 9th November, students like Rudra Katole and Dhruvin Ruparel from the 11th Commerce batch boarded the luxury AC bus, their minds set for an adventure that would unfold the economic histories of the Kumbhalgarh Fort and Haldighati. The interactive sessions began en route, with faculty facilitating discussions on the financial strategies used in historical trade routes, linking them to modern business logistics.

Upon arrival, the group, including Princy and Henil Shah, engaged in a guided tour of the fort, where they learned about the economic impact of architectural marvels, tying it to asset management and investment in current times. The thrilling Jeep adventure highlighted risk management—a vital concept in commerce.

The museum visits were a deep dive into the fiscal policies during the reigns of historical figures, resonating with students like Pranjal and Rishi, providing a real-world connection to their theoretical studies. The joyous bonfire night, accompanied by a DJ, fostered team-building and networking among students, skills indispensable in the business world.

Every meal, savored by commerce enthusiasts like Kangana and Heer, was an opportunity to discuss the economics of food industries and service management. The culmination of activities not only broadened the students’ understanding of commerce in historical and modern contexts but also solidified UKIC’s innovative approach to education in the field of commerce.

Personal Experiences of the Students

The Kumbhalgarh expedition curated by UKIC became a transformative episode for the young commerce scholars. Heer Sheth and Subh from the 12th Commerce stream discovered the intricate connection between historical trade wars and current market competition through the tales of Kumbhalgarh. Ansh and Pranay, intrigued by the economic discussions, found the parallels between the fort’s strategic location and modern-day business positioning enlightening.

As they strolled through the local markets, students like Prit and Dhwani P learned the art of negotiation and the significance of customer relations firsthand. Rudra Patel from Satellite and Khushali reveled in the application of cost-benefit analysis during the fort visit, appreciating the real-life implications of commerce concepts.

The serenity of the resort provided a backdrop for contemplative discussions on sustainability in business, which caught the interest of Krish D and Suman. Rudra Patel and Diya Shah exchanged thoughts on the entrepreneurial spirit witnessed among local vendors, while Vikas and Heer Soni marveled at the financial acumen required to maintain such historical sites.

The trip was not just an academic pursuit but also a personal journey of growth for these students. Het Shah and Pushpendra shared a moment of realization about the importance of fiscal responsibility when managing trip expenses. Vihar and Anjali reflected on the trip as a microcosm of the business world, where every interaction was a potential lesson in commerce. For Yash M and Marut Shah, the trip underscored the importance of adaptability and innovation—traits that define successful commerce professionals.

The Impact of the Trip on Students’ Learning

The academic journey to Kumbhalgarh transcended conventional learning, imparting invaluable commerce lessons to UKIC students. Shreyansh Modi from the 12th Commerce batch witnessed firsthand the economic implications of maintaining historical sites, fostering an understanding of the cultural heritage’s contribution to the tourism industry. Dhruvi T was captivated by the cost management strategies of the resort, noting the parallels with budgeting in corporate finance.

Through the lens of local commerce, students like Dev and Rudra Katole from the 11th Commerce batch analyzed the supply chain dynamics of regional products. Observations of local businesses by Ishaan Dave and Dhir Sharma illuminated lessons in entrepreneurship and market analysis. Saumya and Nirmit’s experiences with the local vendors enriched their grasp of customer service and sales techniques.

The interaction with different facets of commerce during the trip has left a lasting impact on the students. Henil Shah and Nami Shah understood the value of historical branding and its influence on consumer behavior. Nirita and Ayushi Darji’s participation in the group discussions deepened their insights into leadership and teamwork in business settings.

The trip’s immersive approach has significantly broadened the students’ practical understanding of commerce, making theoretical concepts vivid and memorable. It has also equipped them with a real-world context, enhancing their ability to apply classroom knowledge to tangible situations, which is the hallmark of UKIC’s educational philosophy.

Concluding Remarks on UKIC’s Dedication to Practical Education

The educational sojourn to Kumbhalgarh epitomizes UKIC’s commitment to infusing practicality into commerce education. Students like Yesha Dave engaged with history, not just as spectators but as active learners, correlating the saga of yesteryears with contemporary business strategies. Kangana and Heer gleaned insights into economic sustainability, embodying UKIC’s ethos of practical education. This excursion has not only enriched the academic repertoire of these aspiring merchants and financiers but has also demonstrated UKIC’s unwavering dedication to fostering an environment where commerce education is vibrant, applied, and ever-evolving.

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