GenWorks Advocates For Tackling Cardiovascular Diseases On World Heart Day

New Delhi (India), September 30: World Heart Day, an annual global observance marked on September 29th raises awareness about cardiovascular diseases and the ways in which heart-healthy living can be promoted. As the prevalence of unhealthy lifestyles continues to rise, heart diseases have unfortunately also increased. Cardiovascular diseases have become a leading cause of death worldwide at staggering figures. Doctors, healthcare professionals, and health tech organizations realise that there must be enough attention on the prevention of unhealthy heart problems with lifestyle changes including regular exercise, a balanced diet, and avoidance of tobacco use. World Heart Day is an event that reduces all risks associated with CVDs by raising sensitisation on removing the causes that lead to heart problems.

A decade ago, it was rare to see heart attack in the age group less than 50 years but today the Indian Heart Health Association declares that around 50% of heart attack is in the age group less than 50 years and over 25% is in less than 40 years age group. The WHO also declares that over 1/5th of the total death because of heart attack is attributed to India globally. The number of deaths due to heart attacks in India has remained consistently over 25,000 in the last four years, and over 28,000 in the last three years. These are significant figures that explain the importance of focusing on heart-healthy awareness amongst people. The World Heart Day highlights the need for improved healthcare infrastructure and better access to quality cardiovascular care. It also advocates for better policies and healthcare initiatives to reduce the burden of cardiovascular diseases on society.

The prominent reasons why a heart attack is a major killer in India are diabetes, tobacco, lack of timely diagnosis, bad lifestyle, and genetic problems in the case of cardiomyopathy. Prevention plays an extremely important role in tackling the deaths that occur because of heart attacks since the majority of the population settled in remote areas needs health practitioners to diagnose these problems. GenWorks Health plays an important role here. Given the shortage of healthcare professionals for diagnosing severe cardiovascular diseases, GenWorks works to empower healthcare professionals with technology for bringing improved accessibility in rural areas at an affordable cost and also runs prevention campaigns with early diagnosis so that lives can be saved.

GenWorks also brings accessibility at affordable costs in remote areas with Tele ECG which works on a hub and spoke model. A cath lab with a cardiologist is made available in remote areas using technology and the ECG machine is placed with a cloud facility. The heart attack gets picked by the cardiologist and the moment an ECG is taken, the patient gets shifted to the nearest hospital so that the patient’s life can be saved at an early time. GenWorks has also partnered with prominent hospitals across the country such as Manipal Hospital, Apollo Hospital, Srinivas Hospital, HCG Group, etc. to make this possible.

With an aim to highlight the need for improved healthcare systems and better access to good quality cardiovascular care, GenWorks advocates for policies and healthcare initiatives that can effectively reduce the burden of cardiovascular diseases on society. Consistent efforts by GenWorks are aimed at promoting heart-healthy behaviours for encouraging people to make better choices in terms of diet, stress management, and regular physical activity. This inspires people to adopt and maintain healthy heart living.

To collaborate on the common objective of preventing and controlling heart diseases, GenWorks empowers individuals to take charge of heart health. It encourages people health check-ups and raises more awareness about common risk factors by helping more people to make informed decisions about their well-being. Advancements in medical science along with better ways to diagnose, treat, and prevent heart-related problems are prime reasons to make this possible. GenWorks regularly works for awareness campaigns and advocates for promoting heart health by following strict control measures and increasing access to physical activity.

GenWorks is committed to improving healthcare access and outcomes to make consistent efforts to emphasise the indispensable role of a healthy heart. GenWorks recognizes that proactive healthcare measures are important for ensuring cardio well-being and potential. Stating the importance of a heart-healthy lifestyle, Mr. GaneshPrasad, Founder, MD & CEO said “As we celebrate World Heart Day, we encourage people to follow a healthy lifestyle change and adopt timely medical interventions with timely diagnosis. We work hard to encourage people to adopt a heart-healthy lifestyle and manage underlying health conditions so that the risk of experiencing a heart attack can be reduced remarkably. Regular checkups with a healthcare provider can help assess and manage these risk factors effectively and our team is enabling these checkups until the last mile of the country.”

About GenWorks: GenWorks is a leading healthcare solutions provider committed to enhancing healthcare access and outcomes. With a mission to improve healthcare for all, GenWorks offers a range of innovative solutions that support healthcare professionals in providing top-tier care to patients.

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