#NariShaktiCertified launched by NASSCOM to empower women through FutureSkills Prime

New Delhi [India], January 27: FutureSkills Prime dedicates this Republic Day to all women and launches #NariShaktiCertified, an initiative encouraging all Indian women, whether a housewife, a student, a professional, or someone who wants to rejoin the workforce, to enhance their careers.

The campaign is organized to empower women to shape India’s Techade and make it the global digital talent hub. Women who certify in courses on FutureSkills Prime have a chance to get internships at NASSCOM and mentorship opportunities with industry leaders.

FutureSkills Prime, India’s technology skilling hub, is a joint initiative of the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, the Government of India and NASSCOM. It is democratizing learning by offering students and professionals an opportunity to upskill in digital technologies & professional skills.

With the vision to transform India’s talent story, the platform offers courses in emerging technologies, accredited by NASSCOM and approved by the Government of India, in Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Big Data Analytics, Cybersecurity, Cloud Computing, Digital Marketing, and so on.

The course curriculum and assessments for certifications on FutureSkills Prime are aligned with the National Occupational Standards & National Skill

Qualifications Framework (NSQF). It enables learners with the right tools to acquire relevant tech skills and get NASSCOM certifications recognised by prospective employers in the industry.

How NASSCOM Certifications Add Value to Your Career 

  • This certificate is recognized by the Government of India and the Industry.
  • The certificate enables learners to Upskill in courses aligned with National Skills Qualifications Framework (NSQF)
  • Getting this certificate makes you eligible to earn cashback from the Government of India* (Conditions Apply)
  • Certified learners get more visibility at NASSCOM Career Fairs

Did you know the demand & supply gap for Digital Tech Talent is expected to increase over 3.5 times by 2026? The next 25 years will be a watershed for India to emerge as the world’s economic and technological powerhouse. By considering this figure, it can be safely said that the services and technology industry in the country is heading towards progress at a brisk pace.

Besides, the IT Industry has undergone a massive transformation and expansion. Fueled by fast-evolving new-age technologies, the IT sector is now one of the world’s most promising job destinations. High annual salary packages, in-demand job roles, and plenty of chances to make a standing impact are among the top reasons why a large percentage of the youth are leaning towards IT jobs.

New-age tech skills are not limited just to the IT industry but are sector agnostic, and there is a high demand for professionals across sectors.

Careers in technology are high paying and fast-growing. The reason for the demand for a skilled workforce is due to the evolving nature of technology. There are many jobs available in the IT field, such as Big Data Engineer, Cloud Architect, Product Manager, Cloud Security architect and more.

Keeping pace with the rapidly emerging technologies, numerous job roles in the industry are changing as well. Job profiles like Web Developers, Network Architects, Information Security Analysts, System Analysts, Cloud Architects, Data Science, etc., are growing at a breakneck speed.  Naturally, the different IT domains like Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Cyber Security, and Project Management will create an increasing demand for skilled and qualified IT professionals.

All signs indicate that this decade will be India’s “Techade”, one that will require a generational shift and make India a digital talent nation. And, owing to the cut-throat competition that characterizes the modern IT job market, it is becoming increasingly vital to stay relevant and learn new technology. And to help in this scenario, FutureSkills Prime’s courses are ideal for expanding the domain knowledge and upskilling to grow your career.

The FutureSkills Prime platform offers access to the most affordable, credible, and trusted Industry-relevant courses, ensuring that you learn skills that the industry needs. Apart from the global-quality courses, the platform offers cohort-based learning, career guidance boot camps and sessions, exposure to industry events, connecting learners to employers through career fairs, and overall enhancing one’s employability.

#NariShaktiCertified is one such initiative to enhance and support women in their career journey.


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