Dr. Madhur Thawani, Founder of Doctor Bulao, helps people to get primary healthcare at Home

Dr. Madhur Thawani

His services on Call or WhatsApp set a new benchmark for the world.

Ahmedabad: Dr Madhur has more than 15 years of clinical experience. His extensive knowledge and unique treatment approach have been acquired through his international exposure (USA) and his ongoing proactive involvement with various medical centres in Ahmedabad. He also regularly attends numerous CMEs and conducts lectures on physical therapy management of medical conditions.

Being a swimming champion and a fitness enthusiast, Dr. Madhur is passionate about educating and inspiring his patients to improve their general health and well-being. He puts his breadth and depth of expertise into helping his patients to reach their full potential. He had started “DOCTOR BULAO” in 2015 to help people access primary healthcare at Home, on Call or WhatsApp.

DoctorBulao is complete physiotherapy and primary medical care initiative of Dr Madhur Thawani. He understands the piling up of hospital expenses and believes preventive care is better than reactive care, hence starting Doctor Bulao. DoctorBulao is a Medical Rehab Service Provider. We provide Primary Medical Treatments at Home, Advance Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Services, Long Term Care for Seniors and Home Health Care Services. We have specialized Doctors and Physiotherapists dedicated to the long-term health of chronic conditions like Arthritis, Hypertension, Diabetes,ageing-related issues, Malnourishment, Deficiencies & Neurological conditions in babies to seniors.

Talking to him, he further added, Our team understands the need for health and has spent significant time in developing a system for providing the best primary health care and physiotherapy care at clinics, homes, hospitals, offices or onsite. We bring together Primary Care, Rehabilitation and Social Services for kids as well as elders.

All our doctors, physiotherapists and healthcare staff are qualified and have an experience in various clinical setups.

Dr. Madhur believes every part of India has different health challenges. So to help people locally, healthcare should be local. We would like every Indian to have the easiest access to primary healthcare services when they require them. Primary care should be as advanced as possible. (Health is local, Making Healthcare Local)

Dr. Madhur works with the local “elder care centres and older people commissions” to prevent fall risks and malnutrition in them. We help adults to take care of their Aging parents from a distance. Currently, we have started working towards preventing malnourishment in mothers and kids.

Dr Madhur’s wife is also Physiotherapist Neelam Thawani, a Gold Medalist from Manipal University. She is certified in Manual therapies and has a Master’s Degree from Oakland University, Michigan, USA. Dr Neelam is the support pillar for Dr Madhur’s vision.

Dr. Madhur has a 6-year-old son Divit Thawani. Although he’s too young to understand the nitty-gritty of his father’s profession, he still makes sure to inculcate him with the values, passion, and a general sense of responsibility for the upliftment of society we live in.

Deficiencies, Hypertension and Diabetes, can be prevented or delayed if primary care is given properly. Long-Term Preventive Care is better than Short-Term Hospital Visits. Eat Local Grown Vegetables and Fruits. They are fresh, environmentally friendly and support your community’s local economy.

Dr. Madhur Mission is to provide research-based, better quality, cost-effective physiotherapy and medical services at the patient’s convenience. Health is local, healthcare should be easily accessible, and they are working to improve it. Long-Term health is better than short-term hospital visits.

Their vision is to provide everyone with local access to good personalized health care. They aim to develop a care model that addresses the root causes of the disease and, in doing so, improves patients’ health. They deliver the exact care required by the patient for better recovery. Doctors like Madhur is the example for the entire humanity.