StreamKar Protecting Its Users, One Stream at A Time

New Delhi [India], June 9: It takes confidence and nerves of steel to put oneself out there, on a live streaming application. The wave of digital transformation has ushered people, regardless of their age group, to exhibit their talents and skills on a public forum like StreamKar, and stand to monetarily benefit from it. This Indian-based app caters to the desi audience abroad. It is a product of Common Vision Technologies, Mumbai, and the leading U.S.-based mobile internet company Tipping Points Technology Limited invests in this live streaming app.

Difference between short video content and live streaming

There is a world of a difference between short video content and live streams. While short videos are pre-recorded and pre-scripted, individuals act in them to convey a message or market a product. However, a live stream truly tests a content creator’s spontaneity, wit, and timing. Since influencers and digital creators are live in real-time, they answer public queries on the spot. Hence, before a live stream, it is imperative that they prepare and make a mind map of any exigencies or potential questions that can be asked. As the adage goes, practice makes a man perfect. Content creators new in this field can learn from professionals by tuning in to their streams. They can then go live consistently and frequently to get comfortable with the idea of streaming. Once they interact with different cohorts of audiences on a daily basis, their confidence builds and they can openly explore and showcase their crafts. Hence, short video content is safe, while live streaming has an interesting, competitive, and challenging edge to it.

Live streaming apps and their robust security in place

People are living in a world which is a global village. Therefore, why should your talent remain undiscovered? Live streaming platforms urge people to broadcast their skills and connect with the world. However, legitimate security concerns can make or break a deal. Live streaming apps like StreamKar are committed to user safety.

Streams and user profiles might contain sensitive information. Therefore, to preserve and keep their identity confidential, mobile apps have a group of global monitors in place who are active 24*7 to proactively respond and react to user complaints or reports. Applications with a neatly laid down community guideline policy are quick to spring to action and enable suspension or restriction of those users who violate or breach the policy.

An ideal live streaming app will protect its users from harassment, online bullying, and hate speech. Shielding users from discriminatory and humiliating remarks or expletives based on their gender, age, nationality, religious affiliations, appearance, or sexual orientation is a true hallmark of a reliable mobile app. So is an app that has zero tolerance for violence or any kind of threatening behaviour.

Urging users to exercise their discretion while broadcasting showcases an app’s accountability and responsibility. StreamKar delivers on these principles and goes above and beyond to make the live streaming app a safe space for all users.

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