The beginning of a new era in Real Estate Marketing

June 8: During the pandemic era over the last couple of years, people have realized the importance of having their own home and their home dynamics. This was especially felt in cosmopolitan cities like Mumbai. which resulted in increased demand. Demands are skewed more towards ready-to-move or near-possession properties because of lesser uncertainties than under-construction projects.

As most families residing in the metro cities are nuclear in size, the market demand for 1BHK (1 bedroom) apartments is the highest, followed by 2BHK (2 bedrooms) apartments. Over the past couple of decades, just like any other industry, there has been a tremendous transformation in real estate marketing and the sales process. Digital transformation of real estate has already been initiated, catching upon with the trends in the West.

Fortunately, there has been a rise in sales and marketing companies which are mostly run by industry professionals who ventured as entrepreneurs. In this kind of model developers or builders do not incur any fixed cost instead, they have to pay a small percentage in marketing. This enables them to compete with the big players as they too get access to a highly-skilled, competitive sales and marketing force deployed by startup mandate companies. These startup companies have the scope of work right from strategizing to the marketing plan, sales plan, and execution. These operations and procedures are performed by a mixed team of young and dynamic professionals under the able guidance and mentoring of senior industry leaders with their direct involvement.

One such company which has made its mark in this new segment is The E‘state’ment which is a young & dynamic Real Estate advisory firm that specializes in Sales & Marketing Solutions. The organization is conceptualized and formed by a group of professionals, expertized in the real estate, banking, insurance FMCG, logistics, and software services industry.

The group’s vision is to redefine the world of real estate sales & marketing, creating rewarding opportunities and amazing spaces where people can achieve their ambitions. The group’s deep-dive and comprehensive approach covers various dimensions of real estate behavior coupled with an unbiased analysis. They not only offer an exhaustive database of real estate performance, but also advisory services that are unparalleled in the industry.

They have pioneered the science of self-generated real estate research to look beyond ‘market sentiment’ and counter misconceptions by relying on robust data, scientific theories, and rational thinking.

The ‘Estate’ment is the business accelerator for ambitious businesses, bringing in expertise across brand, product, consumer, and distribution. Their expertise in Real Estate end-to-end sales & marketing, Business Strategy and consulting, Project launches, Distribution, Digital marketing, Creative work & CRM. With their strong network of 2000+ Channel partners in Mumbai & Suburbs, Outreach and connect with 5000+ Channel Partners PAN India and international markets, they have established a well-defined process for Channel Partner vertical.

This Channel also specializes in multicity and international Channel events for project pre-launches and launches. They have a high-performance Marketing team with innovative and Out of the box thinking, Digital marketing experts and Creative designers, Creative agency tie-ups, and Efficient media buying strategies.

They support: Prelaunch and launch event management, Brand building strategy & PR activities, Lead generation activities, Social media marketing & offline digital marketing solutions. The Founders Abhishek Dashehariya & Navin Batla come with vast leadership experiences across several industries like Real Estate, Telecom, FMCG, & Finance industry working with top brands, and are willing to share their guidance and constant supervision. Together, they have formed a team of handpicked high-performing professionals with extensive exposure to new-age Real Estate Sales and a proven track record.