WILDFIT launches its new branch in Kalyani Nagar; Eyes further expansion in Baner

New Delhi, May 31: WILDFIT, an exclusive top-rated Nutrition and Personal Training Studio, is all set to open its branch in Kalyani Nagar, Pune. The brand aims to create a foothold in Baner, Pune, in the near future, with its enthusiastic training experts and ambition to transform people’s fitness journey. The studio is on a mission for global expansion. Just like their successful transition from being just a nutrition clinic to nutrition & personal training studio, the company strives to replicate the same through its expansion plans. 

Founded in Kharadi, Pune, in 2019, and since then, the fitness studio has been dedicated to working towards offering the best of health and fitness to people. The brand is a top-rated studio in Pune, one-of-a-kind nutrition and personal training facility, focusing on body transformation with the support of highly skilled nutrition experts and personal trainers. The fitness studio has successfully transformed over 3000 clients and received incredible feedback from its customers.

Both founders, Shailesh Darekar and Arya Pandit, began their careers in the corporate sector, but their passion for fitness enabled them to realize their ambition of opening a nutrition clinic and a fitness studio. They have achieved countless milestones while leading a fitness revolution. Team WILDFIT envisions expanding the fitness industry and backing training technology with science to provide customers with a result-driven transformation. 

WILDFIT offers invigorating workouts paired with technology specifically designed to monitor the intensity of the exercise, which is a game-changer for everyone looking to push themselves to a healthier lifestyle. Along with that, the studio utilizes advanced training equipment that efficiently aids body transformation. As the founders saw the need for different fitness clubs, they introduced various departments for clients, such as personal training, provision of nutritionists, body composition analysis, powerlifting, yoga, athlete performance, sports rehabilitation, injury prevention, and much more. 

Furthermore, the fitness studio recently introduced its result-oriented prime package, ‘MAINLINE SERIES’. The program is developed and curated by nutrition experts after extensive research. The MAINLINE SERIES pivots around performance enhancement and transformation in a sustainable way.

WILDFIT Founder Shailesh Darekar says, “Today, we have been able to achieve several milestones while operating WILDFIT. We are a team of qualified functional nutritionists and wellness coaches with several years of expertise and certifications in more than four fields. We curate customized fitness programs for our clients that will help them reach their goals. Along with that, our one-on-one training sessions ensure that the fitness plan is being implemented with utmost perfection”.

The brand has recently associated with global entities such as Symbiosis University and has also lined up several corporate tie-ups. WILDFIT is actively participating on social media platforms like Instagram, Meta, YouTube, and LinkedIn to expand on a greater scale. The brand motivates clients through these platforms by constantly uploading their new products, services, daily activities, and fitness shoutouts.  

According to Arya pandit, Co-Founder of WILDFIT, “Associating with WILDFIT, clients can lower the burden of diseases through cost-effective integrative health regimens, to encourage a healthy and wholesome living. Not just that, we also provide the mental encouragement, inspiration, and social interaction that has been proven to help individuals reach their health and fitness goals faster than going at it alone.” 

The fitness and training studio also plays its part in social initiatives like dog feeding, free health assessments for the underprivileged and government schools and much more. 

In conclusion, WILDFIT’s new studio propagates health and fitness awareness across society by utilizing cutting-edge technology that can secure a disease-free existence. The studio is attempting to offer the best fitness and wellness experience to clients by providing the greatest available options.

 To know more, visit https://www.wildfit.me/