Santhoshi Reddy revamps beauty e-commerce with technology and a personalised shopping experience with BeautyKart

Hyderabad, May 30: Millennials and GenZ are always on the hunt for innovative and international-quality beauty and lifestyle brands that are in tune with their needs. This growing paradigm shift towards revolutionary and high-end brands in India has compelled eCommerce platforms to onboard brands that are driven by quality and innovation. BeautyKart is among a few key players in the current Indian beauty and personal care space, satiating the needs of its customers through its portfolio that encompasses technologically driven brands.

 Whether you Want to shop from your favourite international brands like NYX Cosmetics or M.A.C. or need innovative skincare products from a Korean or French skincare brand? BeautyKart has everything under its well-curated list of brands and products so that you can shop for the brand or product of choice from any corner of the country. 

 “BeautyKart is ramping up India’s beauty and personal care space by making it a more innovative, top-notch, and inclusive space. We envision serving our customers with groundbreaking products that are authentic and champion better quality all around. Irrespective of your age, gender, or demographics, you can now devour many beauty and personal care brands while sitting in your home. Our quality model tests all the brands and their products to deliver superior efficacy and value to your customers, making an individual’s experience seamless,” said Santhoshi Reddy, CEO of BeautyKart.

 As technology gets further incorporated into our lives, BeautyKart is planning to add more brands that hold the ability to revolutionise beauty on the go. IN AN INTERVIEW, the CEO of BeautyKart said, “We are elated to introduce many modules to enhance customer experience. With BeautyKart, We have strived to create an authentic and innovative marketplace to accommodate the country’s beauty and personal care needs. We feel empowered when customers feel good and safe with their shopping experience. Not only have we created a user-friendly website, but also incorporated an information channel wherein our customers get access to curated advice and a personalised shopping experience with the help of our community”.

 BeautyKart has integrated AI technology into its E-commerce schema to make high-end, authentic, and affordable brands accessible to customers and eventually allow them to have a hassle-free shopping experience. These integrations are certainly paving the way for beauty enthusiasts in the country.