Tethereum Crossed $ 2 Million Dollars Market Cap

May 13: Tethereum (T99) is a project that’s steadily becoming more popular by the day. It’s certainly accomplished a lot since this project first started and it’s still achieving many feats to sustain the increase in interest within cryptocurrency communities. The crypto-based start-up has recently reached a market cap worth $ 2 Million Dollars.

Tethereum (T99) is an effortless option for those who want to exchange tokens, but it also provides assistance for those who need to subscribe for access to the Automated Market Maker service – this is an added convenience not often offered by other token exchanges. Market making can be a solution for companies or even individuals that want to obtain various cryptocurrencies at low costs because these types of tasks are almost always filled with order backlogs, especially when one wishes to make purchases over significant periods of time as market makers are experts in stabilizing these situations.

We talked to the founders about hitting this great milestone of reaching the market cap of $ 2 Million dollars and they said that their long term will always be making the crypto ecosystem more trustworthy and mainstream so that more people could join in. They said, “With Tethereum (T99), we hope to contribute to creating a future without central banks. That’s why this digital currency is run over TOR Network for private anonymous transactions of the Ether.”

Tethereum’s co-founder said that what they really want to achieve with Tethereum (T99) is to charge the lowest fee and to provide with highest fee earnings to its liquidity providers. Tethereum’s stellar growth amidst a temporarily bearish market will surely give a confidence boost to crypto enthusiasts. We wish both Tethereum (T99) founders and Defi a great future ahead.