Venu Madhav Chennupati wins the outstanding leadership award at Health 2.0 USA conference

New Delhi (India), April 23: Health 2.0, an acclaimed healthcare event in the USA, attempts to reimagine the realm of healthcare by uniting some of the most distinguished experts from a wide range of specialities. The conference spotlights the latest developments in healthcare and wellness on its vibrant platform while promoting networking and exchanging ideas between forward-thinking individuals and companies.

Health 2.0 recognises health care experts and companies globally for their outstanding achievements in their particular field of work. Healthcare providers have been in high demand during Covid-19, especially in promoting the expansion of health care and clinical research applications in the resource-limited setting.  The event conducted in Las Vegas during April 11-13, 2022, has been to gain insights into companies and individuals in healthcare who have inspired our future healthcare providers to be prominent in their field and strive for success.

At this Health 2.0 event, Venu Madhav Chennupati was awarded the outstanding leadership award in 2022 in healthcare for his extensive services in healthcare delivery systems in India. Venu is the CEO of Pegase Health Systems and a Harvard Alumni in Public Health, working forthe past 13 years in building Healthcare Delivery Systems. The Pegase Health Systems (PHS), launched in 2009 by Venu, has delivered Tele-Health 72M consults, including 69 Million voice, 400K video and 3 Million personal consults through its system in India to date. Venu has been aiming at improving the value delivered to patients through his systems. Venu strongly believes that health care should be measured in terms of the patient outcomes achieved per dollar expended and not the number of different services provided or the volume of services delivered; more care and more expensive care are not necessarily better care.

During Covid-19, Venu has also been instrumental in filing public interest litigation in the state of Telangana to use the limited vaccination supply on the frontline workforce instead of vaccinating by demographics. During this time, Venu and Harvard professors published a research paper on the socio-economic effects on workers of prolonged quarantine/lockdown measures. Health 2.0 recognised the contributions of Venu in the public health domain and took this opportunity to award his accomplishments in this 2022 global event.