ARDEA Foundation to organise “11 Days for Earth’s Healing” Movement on 1st May 2022

New Delhi [India], April 25: ARDEA Foundation is all set to organise their mega ecological movement, “11 Days for Earth’s healing,” for a second time in a row, starting the 1st of May 2022.

With “11 Days for Earth’s Healing”, ARDEA Foundation wants to draw the attention of world leaders toward the environmental cause as it is an opportunity to harness the power of collaborative action and start investing in shared prosperity, well-being, and planetary health.

With this initiative, ARDEA Foundation proposes and urges everyone involved in business or office activities to participate by converting one of their weekly holidays of the month to a workday and bank 11 holidays to their yearly calendar as part of a small contribution to the world environment. In addition, individuals can take 11 days off between the 1st and 11th of May every year and spend some quality time with their family, as the foundation aims to bring all the individuals on a common platform to protect Mother Earth.

Zunaid Memon spearheads the initiative, already well-known for his extensive work as advertising professional, a filmmaker, who later launched the world’s first satellite TV channel for farmers, “Green TV,” now brings 11DFEH as part of his extended social entrepreneurship. He has been relentlessly working towards making “11 Days for Earth’s Healing” not just mandatory but a priority.

ARDEA Foundation is on a mission to reorient and transform the human-environment relationship and is deeply committed to building a sustainable future while tackling climate change.

For more information regarding the initiative, the “11 Days for Earth’s Healing”, visit the website at