Coirfit Mattress in a Bag- Made for Bigger Dreams!

1st Time in India-Coirfit Mattress Presents a Retail Range of Mattress in a Bag!

April 23: Say hello to the future of mattresses. For the First Time in India, Coirfit Mattress presents a complete retail range of mattress in a bag. Simply, choose the mattress that you like and take it home in a sturdy bag. Just take it out of the bag, unroll it, and your bed will be ready in minutes. And we know how much Indian households love to hold onto things; therefore you can use the bag after unwrapping the mattress. Sounds interesting right?

“Coirfit Mattress is the first Indian mattress brand to offer a complete retail range of mattress in a bag. We make it possible for you to buy mattresses without having to compromise on comfort and quality. We believe that everyone has a right to sleep on the best bed and we want to make this dream come true for our customers.”- Mr. Nirbhay Gupta, CEO, Coirfit Mattress.

Main Highlights
‣ Smallest mattress packing ever
‣ Reusable Zipper bag
‣ Durable & Premium Designs
‣ Self-Quilted Mattresses to proffer comfort

The mattress in a bag range features 4 mattress models that are loaded with features, advanced materials and breathable fabrics that are not found in the retail mattress market. Light weight and affordable Coirfit’s mattress in a bag range is a must have. Say bye to all the trouble of arranging for a heavier or commercial vehicle to carry your mattress home. You can simply carry it in the back of your car hassle free and without spending any extra cost.

So, Upgrade your sleep experience to Best Sleep Ever with Coirfit’s mattress in a bag range Visit to know more or call on 1800 572 9915 (Toll Free).

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