Vita Adarsh Institute of Technology at VITA Sangali hosts Manav Guru event to enlighten 1200 plus people by Connecting with Universal Energy to get whatever they want in life

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], April 18: Renowned Philanthropist and Samaritan – Chandrashekhar Guruji, also known as ‘Manav Guru’ (Founder of C G Parivar) was recently hosted by Vita Adarsh Institute of Technology at VITA Sangali which was organised by Mr. Vaibhav Dada Patil (Ex-Nagar Adhayaksh & President of the College). The event saw a turnout of 1,250 people. wherein Manav Guru spoke about ‘How to Connect with Universal Energy’ and how it can help individuals and families to get whatever they want be it financial, health, carrier, marriage, relationship and education. 

He also explained about the High Vibrational Frequency & Low Vibrational Frequency of an Individual in their daily routine life, which can be checked on the Manav Guru Mobile App (Available on the Play Store & Apple App Store for free download). Manav Guru distributed ‘Crystal Bracelet’ which is energized by him to all the attendees as a complimentary gift for them.

I am connected with Manav Guru for the past 17-18 years and because of his guidance all my businesses are running properly and all my family members are leading a happy life. So I request everyone to join Manav Guru without any fear of any fraudulent activities. I assure you that you will get 100% satisfaction through Manav Guru’s guidance – Ashok Gaikwad.

I used to take Guruji’s suggestions to make changes in life and because of his guidance, “we have everything in life.

We need someone to guide us properly” and that role of guiding me was played by respected Manav Guru. Because of his guidance, we can see today’s day full of good aura and positive vibes – Vaibhav Dada Patil.

The concept of Universal Energy, conceptualised by Manav Guru, helps all the members of the family to define their underlying life problems and proposes idealistic solutions for them. Depending on their date of birth, every human being has 4 High Vibrational Frequencies and 4 Low Vibrational Frequencies. These unique frequencies are applicable in one’s personal as well as professional lives. These vibrational frequencies are connected with the unique vibrational frequency of Universal Energy. When the person and places are connected with Universal Energy then in the next 9-180 days they will start experiencing positive changes in all aspects of life and can help people to solve problems around their marriages, health, business, job, etc.

In the year 2000 Manav Guru got this divine knowledge from the universe and his vision is to spread this knowledge worldwide. When you connect with Universal Energy then it will help you in getting whatever you want in life or solve all your life-related problems in just 9 to 180 days. For more information on universal energy visit