mishi_mia_mommy is now mishi_mia_mansi

Announces renowned digital creator and Lifestyle Influencer Mansi Kapoor

April 18: In a recent announcement in the digital world Renowned Digital Creator and Lifestyle Influencer Mansi Kapoor has changed her social media handles from mishi_mia_mommy to mishi_mia_mansi. A commerce graduate, she knows how to balance her work and family efficiently. Her passion for creating something new made her start writing about her experience as a mother when her second daughter was born in 2017.

Mansi Kapoor said “My dynamic personality has helped me and the brands expand into various other genre like fashion, skin care and travel. Apart from being a Mom influencer I love to document each aspect of   various genre with my personal touch” says Mansi, a mother of 2. Having worked with more than 100 brands in the past 4 years she has established her name in the industry and shares a good connection amongst her peer content creators.

Having worked with Cosmopolitan, Zee 5, Kinder joy, Biba , Mamaearth, Kelloggs, Mini so, Kwality walls, Lakme, Amway and many more Mansi has an exposure to achieve maximum through her content.

She shot to fame and got a lot of praise for one of her reels which had over 6 million views (How efficient is your Mask) in 20 days. “Pandemic has been a blessing for me for I got a lot of work and because of the ease of working from home I was able to give my 100% to each and every project”.

She is a part of Instagrams Born on Instagram program and has acquired the knowledge to work and create in the most effective and easy way.For this year Mansi is more focussed to create content about what is new and trending. She has recently created content for Mother dairy and Horlicks which will go Live in a few days.

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