Nationwide Startup Awards – 2022 is returning with a new set of awards from Business Mint

New Delhi (India), April 13: The Business Mint Nationwide Startup Awards – 2022 aims to identify and reward great entrepreneurs and ecosystem facilitators who are fostering innovation and introducing competition into the economy. Startups that are creating new products/solutions, scalable businesses with a strong potential for creating jobs or money, and that have a verifiable social effect. The contribution to the social good will be measured in addition to the financial rewards for the investors. The Business Mint Nationwide Startup Awards – 2022 aims to recognize firms that boost economic vitality by encouraging innovation and stimulating competition. It focuses on entrepreneurs that are developing new products/solutions, scalable businesses with a strong potential for creating jobs or money, as well as exhibiting verifiable social impact.

Business Mint – India’s Best Market Research Company – evaluated and developed the Business Mint Nationwide Startup Awards – 2022, one of the country’s most distinguished awards. The annual Business Mint awards are designed to honour people who have achieved amid a difficult global economy. As far as specialists are concerned, Firm Mint delivers a full study of the business and a complete run-through of the most outstanding components of the finest.

More than 1100 nominations were received from a variety of industries, including real estate, education, healthcare, marketing, software, aviation, and media. Entrepreneurs are always seeking new methods to increase their reputation and propel their company ahead, and winning a business award is one of them. Even if you don’t succeed, it’s an excellent method to assess your development so far. Business Mint Nationwide Startup Awards – 2022 awards are immense, including improving team morale, gaining a competitive edge, and establishing confidence in your company.

Business Mint published a list of firms, agencies, non-profits, and government organizations run by corporate leaders whose groups and missions have resulted in success:

List of Business Mint Nationwide Startup Awards – 2022Winners:

  1. L. BROTHER LLP – Most Admired Consumer Electronics Startup of the Year – 2022
  2. CLEANTEK ENERGY PVT. LTD [ NANOFIX ] – Most Promising Company of the Year – 2022, Water Proofing Category
  3. Credgenics – Most Admired Fintech Start-up of the Year – 2022
  4. Instashield – Most Innovative Start-up of the Year – 2022, Virus Attenuation Technology Category
  5. Aardae – Best Emerging E-Commerce Startup – 2022, Beauty & Wellness Category
  6. CINEPRIME – Best Emerging OTT Platform of the Year – 2022
  7. AppTMedia PVT. LTD. – Best Emerging Ad Tech Startup of the Year – 2022
  8. Dhuniscian School Of Music – Best Emerging School of Music – 2022, Bengaluru
  9. TWISTIE’S – Best Emerging Cafe Brand – 2022
  10. Studio6design – Most Prominent Creative Digital Agency of the Year – 2022, Pune
  11. Fabbeu Lifestyle (P) Limited – Most Prominent Skincare Brand of the Year – 2022
  12. TERV – Best Emerging EdTech Startup of the Year – 2022
  13. decote – Most Prominent Startup for Technology Design UX UI – 2022, New Delhi
  14. Funmania Hobby Classes – Best Emerging Innovative Startup of the Year – 2022, Online Hobby Classes Category
  15. Proper Pakoda – Best Emerging Indian Fast Food Brand – 2022
  16. The Burger Company – Fastest Growing Burger Brand of the Year – 2022
  17. Snazz – Best Emerging Personal Care Product Startup of the Year – 2022
  18. SwoonMe – Best Emerging Voice First Dating App – 2022
  19. Adwitiya Collection – Most Prominent Jewelry E-Commerce Marketplace Startup – 2022
  20. Dupatta Bazaar – Most Admired Dupattas Brand of the Year – 2022
  21. Deebaco – Best Emerging Premium Fashion Startup – 2022
  22. CREEK – Best Emerging Startup Networking App of the Year – 2022
  23. Mirragio LIfe – Most Prominent Fashion Startup for the Modern Woman – 2022
  24. Absolute Sugarcane – Best Emerging Sugarcane Juice Startup of the Year – 2022
  25. Naked Nature – Best Emerging Skincare Brand – 2022
  26. Denta Mitra – Most Innovative Startup of the Year – 2022, Dental Care Category
  27. D keepsake Breastmilk Jewellery – Best Emerging Breastmilk Jewellery Startup – 2022
  28. SarvaShagun Infra Pvt. Ltd – Best Emerging Startup of the Year – 2022, Road Maintenance Category
  29. TechEagle Innovations Pvt. Ltd – Most Admired Startup of the Year – 2022, Drone Logistics Systems Category
  30. Thulir Herbals – Best Emerging Herbal Startup of the Year – 2022

Mr. Vinay Kanth Korapati, Founder of Business Mint says, I believe that some of them will go on to become future unicorns and examples of overcoming adversity in India that will be seen by the rest of the globe. It will force new enterprises to expand and serve new areas and enormous populations. These awards honor some of the world’s most well-known Startups professionals, as well as pioneers in respective professions, for their innovative ideas, dedication to customer service, and sheer hard work. We are honored to offer the Business Mint’s Nationwide Startup Awards – 2022, and we want to continue honoring those who are qualified each year.

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