Bajta Rahey, a new sensation indie rock song produced by Dr. Shrunal Rajat Jadhav, directed by Omkar Mane all set to collect a million views

The humble beginning of Dr. Shrunal Rajat Jadhav, A journey from successful Doctor to debut in music production.

April 11: An award-winning and established doctor from Mumbai who turned into a producer has recently announced her debut in the production field with the “Bajta Rahey” song directed by Omkar Mane. Dr. Shrunal always had the passion to write and to convey powerful social messages through her write-ups, it all begins with an inspiration and the dream one follows. The reason why a well-established doctor in Mumbai is currently producing music follows the dream and passion to build the path with the utmost tenacity, grit, and sharp focus to produce music that conveys social messages.

Omkar Mane, an Indian film director with almost 22 music videos and most trending music videos, is considered one of the best and most popular directors of Marathi films – television and music videos. Also, Omkar made his directorial debut at the age of 24 with the family entertainer comedy film “Sasucha Swayamvar”. He was the youngest writer-director who directed a feature film at 24. The film earned him the best debut director and various nominations for writing. Moreover, every company and producer want to make a song with him. And then he did his first Hindi music video “Toota Taara” for Zee Music Company. This year every month he has a new music video release. Also, by year-end, he’ll be coming with his Hindi untitled rom-com web series for one of the biggest Ott platforms.

The song Bajta Rahey is a Hindi indie Rock song that explains the importance of the mobile phone highlighting it; as a solution, not an addiction in a very unique and captivating way. The music video is performed by versatile actor Ankit Mohan, who recently gave the biggest blockbuster marathi movie Pawankhind. Also, Ankit is a well-known face in many hindi serials and Marathi films, but he will be seen in a different style in this fun-filled youthful song from Goa. Dr, Shrunal Rajat Jadhav says “the Bajta Rahey will be the best entertaining treat for the audience and as the trend of indie rock is rising this song has the potential to become party anthem of the year”

The production and the channel are supported by Shruraj production. Rohit Raut and Priyanka Barve will be the singer with music by Amol D Ghate. The lyrics and the producer of the song Dr. Shrunal Rajat Jadhav through this song and several more projects are setting the stage to enter the Indian Industry.

Omkar Mane says, “Dr. Shrunal Rajat Jadhav is an award-winning doctor who approached me with this beautiful song. I saw tremendous dedication & her passion for song and immediately Bajta Rahey happened and it is releasing on Shruraj Productions YouTube channel.” The song is set to release on 12th April 2022 and all those who know Omkar Mane are highly excited about the new song along with the followers of Dr. Shrunal Rajat Jadhav for her official debut in the music industry. They are sure that Bajta Rahey and other upcoming songs will reach a million views in no time.