Efficient, quick and tech savvy – Nozzle Express to the rescue! Solving your refuelling issues with the help of Technology

April 7: As times change, needs change too. And one of the fastest developing industries is definitely that of fuel. For years, large-scale refuelling was a lengthy, time-consuming process for many enterprises. However gone are those days when workers had to do everything by hand in a precarious way- from filling diesel in often unsafe containers and waiting in line, to risky transportation, every part of the process was not only hazardous to people, but also to the environment around us.

CEO and Partner, Inderjeet Singh says, “Nozzle Express aims to turn this around, making for a faster and more streamlined process of refuelling. From the comfort of your home or office, Nozzle Express’ services can be accessed on both the mobile app, and the web.”

Ordering what you need, tracking the order and getting it delivered on time and in safe hands ensure that those risky in-between factors are eliminated all at once. Whether for industrial, commercial, residential, medical or educational purposes, a large number of enterprises can avail the convenience that Nozzle Express provides, regardless of whether their quantity of purchase is small or large.

In addition to this, this service also provides a multidimensional positive impact on the environment. Instead of multiple factories in a single industrial zone each sending their own vehicles on multiple trips for the purpose of purchasing diesel, now only a single truck is needed for the same function. Not only do early calculations indeed show that the impact could be equivalent to 450 gms of CO2 emissions per trip. Yet another positive factor is the benefit of using pure, unadulterated fuel, over fuel which may contain impurities, and ultimately affect the environment negatively as well.

With a larger aim in mind, improving not only the present but also the future, there are always improvements taking place with Nozzle Express. From statistical to technical upgrades always on the check-list, hitting new milestones around the clock is definitely the road forward.