Agriculture based start-ups may bloom with Gramin Vikas Trust and Dr. Cornelius visit

New Delhi (India), April 4: One of the most renowned and famous investors of the world Dr. Cornelius Boersch is all set to visit India to meet Gramin Vikas Trust’s CEO Mr. Shiv Shankar Singh for analysing the potential of start-ups here. His visit has been scheduled on 8th April 2022.

Dr. Cornelius will meet Mr. S. S. Singh along with his team to explore the possibilities of investment in Agriculture based Start-ups. Gramin Vikas Trust is a national level non-profit development organization which was started in 1992 with the support from Krishak Bharti Co-Operative Lt. (KRIBHCO) and Ministry of Chemical & Fertilizers, GoI.

Mr. S. S. Singh is very hopeful and excited for Dr.Cornelius visit because this meeting may bring some very positive changes in farmer families lives.

Dr. Cornelius Boersch is the Founder & Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors of Mountain Partners. He is coming to evaluate the opportunities and to understand the possibilities of investment in Gramin Vikas Trust incubated FPOs Rural and Agriculture based start-ups. His motive behind this visit is to improve and increase the livelihood support to various Farmer Producer Organisations.

Commenting on this Mr. Shiv Shankar Singh said, “I am very delighted that Dr. Cornelius has shown great interest in investing in Gramin Vikas Trust start-ups. This is definitely going to be auspicious as this would be a tremendous support for farmer families and livelihood assistance to various Farmer Producer Organisations shall also enhance.”

On this occasion along with Dr. Cornelius, Mr. Suraj Arora, co- founder, KL Tech City and his team will meet Mr. S. S. Singh and industry is expecting some important and fruitful conclusions out of this meeting. Dr. Cornelius is also hoping to derive excellent results out of this meeting as new horizons of success are expected with his visit.

About Dr. Cornelius Boersch

Dr. Cornelius Boersch, famously known as “Conny” is an entrepreneur, who is one of the top business angel investors from Europe.  Apart from this he is also the founder of numerous technology companies. With 25 years of experience, Dr. Cornelius is also known as one of the best connected networkers in the tech and start-up world.