The Indian Alert announces the 10 Most Successful Business Leaders under the Age of Forty

New Delhi (India), March 8: Most people are inspired by entrepreneurs from different industries who have been extremely successful in their respective fields and have made a mark for themselves. This article is about the 10 Most Successful Business Leaders under The Age of Forty by The Indian Alert powered by Digisharks Communication.

  1. Mr. Rikant Pitti – COO and Co-founder of EaseMyTrip

Rikant Pitti is one of the youngest entrepreneurs of India, who, along with his brothers, Co-founded EaseMyTrip in 2008. B.Tech from Kurukshetra University, he had an insatiable hunger to grow and make a mark in the space of travel. Given his passion and innovative mind, he has contributed earnestly to leading the company towards progress. His thorough knowledge, passion for travel, and systematic approach in integrating travel and e-commerce have made EaseMyTrip a big brand among the sophisticated travel enthusiasts of India. With his multitalented personality, being a tech wizard, a strong people person, his innovative ideas, reviving approach, Rikant has created a distinct identity by carving a niche in the online travel & tourism industry, the 2nd largest OTA in India

  1. Nishit Nanda – ED, Consumer Business, Khimji Jewels & CEO

Nishit is a technophile who loves all things virtual, cloud and code-driven. Having a degree in Computer Science, he positively disrupted the jewellery business’s age-old ways by introducing accountability, data democracy, and technology-led initiatives. The resulting pursuit yielded – a brand born in the cloud during an era of the internet-of-value. This young leader created a confluence between the world of logic and emotions, adding to the exceptional experiences that are holistic and unparalleled within the jewellery retail D2C sector. His unwavering focus characterizes the core approach of Nishit when it comes to meeting, tackling, and surpassing one milestone after another in the complex gems and jewellery retail D2C sectors.

  1. Utsav Dar – Founder, Dar Fabtory Productions, Incubate Finance and DigiMaaya (Fintech)

A multi-faceted personality with few ventures hand in hand, Utsav Dar is a bold visionary with two decades of result-oriented, driving business of multiple organizations leading to over 350 million USD in revenue. Currently, his focus is the Dar Fabtory Productions (Media Production), Incubate Finance (Decentralized Finance), and DigiMaaya (Fintech). He loves the community welfare role as a Treasurer in the Kashmiri Pandit Association Est. in 1939. An alumnus of the prestigious University of Delhi, Amity, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston, he specializes in tech overhauling for legacy businesses. His expertise in Blockchain, Consensus Mechanisms, Metaverse concepts, and Fin-tech makes him a young business leader impacting the emerging tech space in the global start-up ecosystem.

  1. Paras Lohani – Founder & CEO, B2B Sales Arrow LLC

A visionary in his ideas, Paras is stimulating the rapid growth of B2B Sales Arrow, a research-based digital technology organization founded in the year 2012. He believes in nurturing business with passion and entrepreneurship stuck when he was deeply impacted by philanthropic news. He knew that to bring a massive change in society, he needed to develop a sustainable business to give back to the community. His idea of transforming is to stand out from the rest, focusing on human intelligence, technology, and values. With a Bachelor in Engineering and a PG in Digital Marketing Transformation from IIM, he has an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and innovation to change industry trends and take humanity forward.

  1. Ishaan Bahl – CEO & CFO 145 by Risa Hospitality

With Honors from USC Marshall School of Business, Ishaan, a Millennial Restaurateur, entered the Mumbai F & B terra with a millennial approach. He conceptualized 145 on a tattered notepad while shadowing his restaurateur father in 2015. His core idea was to create a space millennial cool enough to hang out with fun elements, referring to his note of all the exciting meals he ate as a student in Los Angeles. The vision of 145 has expanded to being a space that millennials can call their own, sensitive to pricing but also aware that a good menu will find appreciation. Ishaan believes he has grown with his customers and says the business model’s roots are instilled in the pulse of the millennials, and the brand continues to grow with them. 

  1. Ambarish Ray – Co-Founder & CEO, Digital Dogs Content and Media

Two decades of experience in founding ventures across technology, communications, and experience design, Ambarish is an active investor and mentors with start-up nurturing ecosystems. His recent venture is Digital Dogs Content and Media, which endeavours to create, broadcast, and distribute authentic content with the intent of building change-ready and results-driven cultures across sectors. Ambarish is also actively engaged in writing, travelling, and sharing his experiences with young people. He has been a faculty member at the RD. National College of Arts & Commerce, the UPG College of Management in Mumbai, and other B and C schools on subjects like Strategic Planning, Agency Management, Advertising, and Brand Management.

  1. Vassundara Nattes – Co-Founder Aeliuscity HR Solutions

First-generation Tech-Entrepreneur, an Engineering Graduate from Anna University, Chennai, hails from a small town, Erode in Tamil Nadu, Vassundra, Co-founded Aeliuscity HR Solutions in the year 2018. The wide range of expertise across domains like technical recruitment, vendor management, consulting, market strategy, Business strategy, and performance marketing was instrumental in making her jump into entrepreneurship. Vasundhara holds a prominent position as a Project Management Consultant in AHMSSC, Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship. Her efforts have led to Aeliuscity HR becoming a key stakeholder in the Human Resource Outsourcing and upskilling of India’s largest workforce. She is an HR expert, and her passion is working in the field of Unemployment and Education with other able-bodied in the Indian ministry.

  1. Raghavendra Gowd – Founder Soham Ayur Yoga Ashram

Raghavendra Gowd, considerate of the stressful corporate world as an HR professional, decided to venture into wellness, and today, he is popularly known as Sri Soham Guruji. He is one of India’s most successful traveling Wellness and Yoga Entrepreneurs. He founded Ayur Yoga Ashram, which attracts wellness enthusiasts nationally and internationally. The Ashram headquarters in India has international branches in Egypt, USA, Lithuania and is in the expansion phase to international locations. Sri Soham is also the CEO of readBest Canada, incorporated for assisting ADHD and Learning Disability students in their studies. He designed and successfully implemented projects like WOW (Wellness on Work), Sound of Silence, Living Yogi, and projects that have helped people, including celebrities worldwide.

  1. Kunal Patel – Co-Founder, 7Ink Brews

Inspired by his father, business for Kunal began at home. As a school kid, he sold a Pokémon card thrice its price. With a firm belief that opportunities get killed in a closed room, business needs the freedom of imagination. Kunal turned every situation into a lucrative deal and embarked on his entrepreneurship journey soon after his graduation. He ventured into the garment segment, which became like a crash course in how to run a business, and decided to join Monika Enterprises in 2013 and co-founded 7Ink Brews. He expanded the business to represent international liquor brands in India. With the success of launching international liquor brands, his focus is building a portfolio in offering the best in quality. Today Kunal has more than 40 international brands that trust him, who they represent in India.

  1. Prashant Maurya – Co-Founder, Spheron

Prashant is a complete Techno-Geek who created Spheron’s successful protocol. Users have full decentralization of the web and control of the personal data from large tech giants. It allows users to host their websites and applications on leading blockchain-based decentralized storage networks in the fastest, easiest, and most affordable way possible. Spheron’s triumphant protocol has projects executing successful deployments and dealing with a large user base. Prashant has successfully managed to get top experts globally. As an entrepreneur, he makes sure he is a good team player and gives his team members freehold. He fosters a love for work rather than just money, which drives the protocol’s success.