Eleventh Dimension Solutions, a MuleSoft & Salesforce specialist company Announces the ‘Women Empowerment Campaign’ #RecognizeThePowerWithin

~Women leading the way for a better world~

Bangalore (Karnataka) [India], March 8: Eleventh Dimension Solutions (EDS), a MuleSoft & Salesforce specialist technology company announced the ‘Women Empowerment’ campaign to honor women from various walks of life. Throughout history and across cultures, women and girls have faced innumerable challenges and injustices. We’re taking a moment to recognize women who overcame adversity, broke through barriers to transform our culture and the world. EDS, who’s one of the Co-founders is a woman, believes in empowering women by providing each one of them an equal opportunity at the workplace. With the same core belief, Eleventh Dimension Solutions (EDS) gratified the first winner BinduBa Zala under the campaign called #RecognizeThePowerWithin.  

BinduBa Zala is 51 years old school teacher of a Sarkari School from a small village called Raipur located 30 kilometers from Gandhi Nagar, Gujarat. She has devoted her entire life educating the children of the villagers, their welfare and overall development of the village. She and her husband Parthesh Pandya, who used to work with RSS then, left an established life and decided not to have children of their own to give a better future to the children in Raipur.

BinduBa, born in a Kshatriya family in ‘Bhavnagar, Gujarat’, is the youngest amongst the three siblings. Since childhood she has gone through all sorts of adversities, from being a girl child who fought to get educated, pick-up a job as a teacher in school to choosing her own life partner who belonged to a different cast. In all her struggles, her parents always stood by her and supported her especially BinduBa’s mother who’s also a true inspiration to her.

There are a lot of unbelievable changes that BinduBa and her husband have brought to the village since 2001, when they decided to change the fate of Raipur, BinduBa and her husband who believe in Gandhi’s philosophy use to observe fasting in order to end animal sacrifice that was practiced on occasions, one time the couple fasted for 16 days continuously. They also stood against child marriage which was quite familiar in the village. The awareness on the use of allopathic medications to cure illness was also encouraged by the couple, which helped to a great extent in well being of the village and many more.

In addition to the above, one of the interesting achievements made at school was that a child cabinet was introduced in the school that helped each child to voice out their opinion. This practice was later adopted by Bangladeshi and today all schools in Bangladesh have a child cabinet.

All in all accurate education gave a bright future to the children who earlier were destined to become farmers, bounded labor, cattle header, or a driver whereas small girls were left to take care of the house and have children.

Expressing her deep gratification on the occasion of this felicitation by Eleventh Dimension Solutions (EDS), Ms. BinduBa Zala said, “I am highly obliged and thankful to Eleventh Dimension Solutions (EDS), for recognizing my effort and bringing my life journey in front of the world. I always wanted to do something for society and had committed to myself that the struggle I had gone through as a girl child should not be faced by other children, especially the female child.  Providing education to these children and changing the lives of these villagers have given a meaning and direction to my life. I am extremely thankful to my parents and my husband who have always been my strength. My husband has guided me at every step and given me the courage to bring this change that we always dreamt of. It is very satisfying to see these people happy and joyful “

“But there is yet a lot to do, the Sabarmati River near the village is now dry and we want to make efforts in order to have the river flowing again and experience the greenery by its side. We also want organic farming to be a prevalent practice in this village. “She added. 

Talking about this proud moment when Eleventh Dimension Solutions (EDS), gave their first award to honor BinduBa Zala under the campaign #RecognizeThePowerWithin, Mr. Shankar Sree, CEO & Co-founder said, “The idea behind this campaign is to bring into center stage, these magnificent women who have and are scripting a change in the society. And yet are always working behind the screens. We want to recognize and felicitate the tremendous courage, strength and power of the change-makers in today’s day and age, women who have done extraordinary work in their respective fields, who stood out from the crowd and led the way”.

Talking about this proud moment Mr. Paramaguru Devendran, Co-founder & COO – Eleventh Dimension Solutions said,” We have seen and experienced the power of social stigmas and conventions to define to a certain extent, the role of a woman, at least in certain parts of the world.  Hence, we want to highlight such women, who have broken out from these norms, cut through the satire of the society and have had the courage to go against all odds to favour their dreams and turn them into reality. The thought behind the campaign is to bring such selfless actions into spotlight and share their stories to inspire everyone else out there to take a small step towards humanity. We are working with those women who have struggled and faced a lot of hardships in their lives, and yet have had the courage to bring about a change in the society and making other people’s lives better.”

Speaking of on the occasion, Ms. Casey Romero, Co-founder & CRO- Eleventh Dimension Solutions said, “I feel, Women in leadership interrupts the predictable and impacts the future. We would like to think that we are contributing to empowering womens’ expression of power in their lives and to the world.  There is nothing more inspiring than seeing women leading the way, making the difference they’re committed to make, and empowered by who they are for themselves and for people around them. This will forever be a core value for our company.

Our goal has always been to enable more and more women to realize their full potential and work towards fulfilling their independence, power, and self-expression. Our current campaign is a brilliant example for this as to how we as an organization are sharing the journey of such women who have been the rule-breakers and are paving the way for others.”

BinduBa and her husband Parthesh had sacrificed a lot in their life and worked relentlessly for years to bring this change and their toil does not end here.  During COVID they started a quarantine center and all positive cases were asked to stay there. They made arrangements for food, water and medicines for all the patients to help in their fast recovery due to which, now there are currently zero cases and no deaths because of COVID.

Eleventh Dimension Solutions’ (EDS) leadership team Australia, specifically Dhivakar, Ranjith, Harit and Team India – Natraj and Purnima Nambiar are thankful to people like BinduBa and Parthesh for shaping the future of so many. While our future isn’t always certain, what is certain is love and dedication towards the society that is going to change the world. We are proud to celebrate this tremendous story.