Entrepreneur Chukwuka Monye – The next Nigerian President

February 25: Entrepreneur Chukwuka Chukwunedum Paul Monye is a Nigerian-born management consultant, innovation strategist, corporate developer and consumer intelligence specialist. He is already one of the most famous business personalities of Nigeria and has further come into the limelight by declaring his candidature for the Nigerian President. His website is https://chukwukamonye.com/.

Monye is the founder and currently the Managing Partner at “Ciuci Consulting”, an African multinational operations management consulting firm with a focus on diverse industries such as healthcare, agriculture, media, FMCG, hospitality, entertainment, energy and financial services working with private, public and government institutions. Entrepreneur monye also served as the inaugural Director General at the Delta Economic Summit Group (DESG) a non-partisan, not for profit, private sector-led thinktank organization of professionals of Delta State, Nigeria established in 2015 to promote socio-economic development in Delta State. Monye is also a member of the Oxford Union, the co-founder and Director of the Oxford Family Business Network and an advisory board member of the Africa Franchise Institute.

Born in 1979, Entrepreneur Chukwuka is married to Ifeoma Monye and has two children. He spent his early childhood in Lagos where he did his schooling and pre college. Thereafter he moved to the US on a scholarship to study Business Administration at Warner University, Florida. He was always interested in fighting for the rights of fellow people and was also the first black student union president. This Ace Entrepreneur also attended The Oxford University for his MBA and PGD and also holds an advanced executive education in business management at the Harvard Business School, USA and INSEAD, France.

Chukwuka started his career as a branch manager in Citigroup, USA. And thereafter worked in Suburban Telecom. He has also worked as an independent consultant for companies including ICT firms such as SocketWorks and Etisalat. After that entrepreneur Monye led teams to develop the Public Private Partnership framework; serving as the CEO of the Edo Specialist Hospital (ESH),and interim Chief Executive Officer of the EkoCorp Plc owners of the Eko Hospital.

Along with being a successful Entrepreneur Monye is Named by Amazon, Wall Street Journal and USA Today as the best-selling author for his contribution in the book “Business Success Secret- Entrepreneurial Thinking That Works” which was released in 2021.

Entrepreneur Monye has received many awards for his outstanding contribution to society. Some of the awards are:

  • The Most Influential People of African Descent In Business and Entrepreneurship Inside Africa (MIPAD honouree), 2018
  • American Golden Bridge Award for Most Innovative Executive for the year 2018
  • Warner University Distinguished Alumni

To get connected with entrepreneur Monye the readers can follow him on his Twitter and Instagram.