Meet Young Beauty Expert & Humanitarian Rehnuma Khan Who Has Changed Lives Of Many

February 22: The world is really a tough place to survive for the downtrodden and financially weak people and things have become more difficult after the COVID-19 pandemic but there are some individuals who trying to make things easy for such people by lending helping hands and playing an important role in improving their financial condition.

Rehnuma Khan, the beautiful makeup artist from Mumbai, is one such person who is trying to establish herself on the apex of the beauty world on one hand and on the other, she is also making sure that she gives as much as possible to the society in return of the love and appreciation that she is getting. Rehnuma belongs to a normal middle class family so it is quite obvious that she understands problemswhich financially weak people face, and she is using her knowledge and skills for changing lives of many.

As we stated earlier, Rehnuma Khan is a professional makeup artist who is very famous because of her impeccable skills when it comes to makeup and also because of Khushi Whitening Cream which she has created. She was very much inclined towards makeup from a very young age and she loved trying new things which also helped her in learning a lot about the makeup products and the best possible manner of using them in order to get the best results. However while doing makeup of other girls, she realised that many of them are suffering from skin problems which are covered using the makeup products. She found that all the makeup products just focus on hiding those skin issues and don’t solve the problem so she thought of creating something which is actually capable of making a person look beautiful and also helps in getting rid of the scars, patches and skin issues.

Soon she started making new mixtures with some highly effective ingredients and tried them on herself and her family members to find out their effects. After a long time, she achieved success and created a cream that improves the quality of skin, treats blackheads, black spots, pimples, wrinkles, scars of smallpox and signs of aging and also gives a fair and natural glow. The cream can be used by both males and females and it is available in two variants – for face and for body. Rehnuma named the cream as Khushi Whitening Cream, and in the present times, it is one of the most famous products of the Indian beauty makeup market.

Though Rehnuma is a very busy person, she has a humanitarian side as well, which is not known to many. There are a number of people whom this young makeup artist has helped in becoming self-reliant. Rehnuma Khan also conducts makeup classes in which she teaches the art of makeup, but she doesn’t charge even a single penny from those who come from the poor families. If this is not enough, she also helps girls in starting their own classes, she even promotes classes of her students and helps them in becoming entrepreneurs. Rehnuma Khan is especially concerned about those females who don’t have anyone’s support and they have to take care of themselves.

Rehnuma is very much influenced by the Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor Khan’s fashion and styling and if we talk about her professional front, it won’t be wrong to say that she is all set to rule the beauty industry just like Shahnaz Husain did in the past with the help of her cream and beauty products.

Rehnuma Khan is very active on her Instagram account (@makeupbyrehnumakhan) where she keeps on posting regularly about her cream and beauty tips. People can also contact her on Instagram if they want any type of help from her because she is always ready to help those who wish to become self-reliant.