Entrepreneur Mads Tömörkènyi- Mr. Movement coach worldwide

February 9: Human biomechanics and sports performance specialist Mads Tömörkènyi is in the business of health and scientific research. Mads Tömörkènyi is famous for his amazing teaching skills, and he is a movement coach, who trains some of the best and most famous athletes worldwide. He holds a degree in Human Biomechanics related to movement, including bone structure and posture. He himself is fundamentally a man of fitness and health. Quite a famous personality online, where you can find a number of news covers on him. This is due to his exceptional research and results. He is a scientific researcher and works as a movement coach for some of the best athletes in the world including UFC fighters and football players from leagues like the Premier League, La Liga, the Bundesliga and many more.

Mads Tömörkènyi is the founder of “MT Performance“, a company that provides online courses specialized in teaching you in great depth, the different layers of human movement. This course is designed to take your body to another level of health and performance. Mads believes that our human body is a power source that has unlimited powers, we just need to learn how to unleash it. With all these talents and skills Tömörkènyi believes in sharing his hacks and ideas. He is the author of ‘Human Mechanics’, a ground breaking research of the human body, which will be published in June 2022.

Tömörkènyi has an Instagram account with over 49k+ followers where he shares his short videos and tips. He is quite active in social media and is driven towards educating people about the human biomechanics and its uses to enhance our performance in life. The thing which makes him unique from other trainers is his attitude, where he motivates the person he’s working on and guides his clients and followers realistically. He avoids sharing unrealistic diets and unnecessary training methods that doesn’t work. He believes “Unrealistic promises will lead to disappointment”. Mads’s policy is, Authenticity should be the first priority and second is the nature of training. Selling unrealistic ideas can push the person up for a short time and lead to long term damage. Mads believes we have to move away from that as a society.

Mads Tömörkènyi is an expert and has his personal courses, where he offers his clients deep and thorough guidance to become fundamentally healthier. Tömörkènyi is passionate about his work and gives his 100%. Tömörkènyi being a serious and passionate personality has another side too, his Instagram page where you can see how lively, refreshing and fun he is. He never hesitates in sharing Fitness and health tips for free, and therefore not everything he does is for money. It does show how passionate and positive Mads Tömörkènyi is. He says “I respect and admire my profession, and I’m happy that I can help and large number of people globally. The fact that there is interest from world famous athletes gives me a confirmation for the quality of what I do.”