Entrepreneur, Writer and Podcaster Rob Sperry Talks about the Skills Important in Network Marketing

The network marketing industry requires individuals who can push the envelope and inspire greatness

January 29: How incredible it is to see how different industries and sectors have been on a constant rise in ways more than one. Many of these industries have produced some of the greatest talented beings who have gone ahead in contributing heavily to the growth and development of their niches. One industry among them, which has been on a growth spree, especially from the last few years, is network marketing. This amazing form of marketing, also known as multi-level marketing, relies on a network of distributors to grow a business. By the end of 2021, the network marketing markets of the world were at around 159 billion. This growth can be attributed to the many astute minds and network marketing experts who incorporated outstanding strategies of growth. In fact, experts also say that by 2025 it will grow 2-3 times to what it is now.

Hence, more and more entrepreneurs and professionals have come forward to be a part of this much-talked-about industry and take it to greater success levels with their visions and ideas. However, Rob Sperry, a renowned and passionate entrepreneur and an ace network marketing professional, coach, consultant, 7X author, and whatnot, says that to be a part of this ever-so-evolving industry, one needs to hone a few skills to up their game in the industry. The co-creator of mynt, a spin-off from a $3 billion company (total sales), which was launched with a million dollars in sales, in just the first month mentions that it was these skills that helped him master the art of network marketing and entrepreneurship and now wishes to share the same with others.

  • Have the right focus: It is essential for budding professionals in network marketing to put focus on the right things while also setting goals that are achievable. Network marketing can look like an exciting field, but challenges in the same are inevitable as goals in the field may seem too difficult to achieve at once. Hence, it is advised to have the right focus on the right goals at a time and slowly move up the ladder of success.
  • Resilience: Working with resilience can prove to be the key to making it huge in network marketing, says Sperry, who wrote “The Game of Networking.” With resilience, people can adapt to the given circumstances, challenges, and changes in the field, which can motivate them to change their perspectives for the better and can lead to innovation. One needs to be open to changes and trends of the industry to learn newer concepts and implement the same to churn out better results.
  • Be consistent: Network marketing is one sector that can test a person’s patience to the core as results may only seem to come one’s way after one readies himself to go under the grind. It is essential to be consistent in one’s efforts while making sure to give 100% in the same. This consistency in efforts can lead professionals to become experts in network marketing, says Rob Sperry, who has also been instrumental in merging two top companies and whose podcast has been listened to by 126 countries.

Following the above points and honing one’s skills in the sector can bring significant success for network marketing professionals and entrepreneurs.