House of Armuse’s ethereal collection at the Fashion Connect

November 13: House of Armuse by Ayushi is a boutique located in the city of Jaipur which offers a wide range of clothing options for brides. They specialize in bridal lehengas, heavy trousseau as well as light trousseau.

House of Armuse tells design stories in a language profuse with elegance, ultra-femininity and unapologetic glamour. As a veteran design house, Armuse prides itself on being the ageless label for designs that are a result of an eclectic blend of indigenous fabrics and immaculate detailing that stand out in contemporary interpretations, which is patronized by its niche nation-wide clientele & international loyalists.

The Fashion Connect India was presented by First India, choreographed by Lokesh Sharma, and curated by Rishee Migllani. The 10th season of the event took place at Jaipur’s Fairmont.

The collection showcased by the house of armuse at Fashion Connect was mesmerizing wedding wear for men and women. It was beautiful to see modern color, silhouettes with a touch of realness to it and definitely something brides and grooms would want their hands on. The collection at fashion connect was a display of garments from pristine white to different shades of peach and pink.

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