India Witnesses Its First Educational OTT Platform with the Launch of Aagam

Aagam provides an educational streaming platform to students of all ages and studying all curriculums, helping them watch, learn, and apply with utmost ease.

Mumbai, July 31: OTT consumers in India can rejoice with the launch of a new streaming platform that would make them expand their watchlists. Aagam is the first educational OTT platform in India broadcasting content exclusively created for imparting knowledge to learners across the country. However, this OTT platform is designed to make the viewers scratch their brains and attain knowledge while being entertained.

The platform aims at providing education to students of all ages through meticulously crafted web series and long-form educational content. Aagam has kept the portfolio of shows and movies limited to concept-specific educational content to maintain exclusivity in the industry.

The OTT platform sets itself apart from its peers by tying up with the state government and reputed institutions in the education industry for imparting quality education to the viewers. Further, Aagam produces content that all students can consume, irrespective of their age and curriculum.

The educational OTT platform has joined hands with leading educational institutions to provide consumers with their knowledge’s worth. On consistently scoring well in quizzes made available on the platform, Aagam provides students with scholarships of up to ₹ 12,000 at prestigious institutions. Rohit Jain, the founder & CEO of Aagam, believes that this initiative will strike the right balance between getting educated and consuming quality content. He says, “The popularity of streaming platforms in India has skyrocketed over the last few years. While there is a large audience to consume all kinds of content, the market lacked an OTT platform exclusive for educational content. The intention behind Aagam always was to produce and provide intellectually stimulating content for kids and adults alike without getting them distracted. On watching educational videos on major platforms, it is common for users to get tempted by recommendations that are not exactly relevant to the content they are consuming. Aagam is an attempt to create a virtual ecosystem that frees the viewers from all distractions.”

Aagam takes production very seriously when it comes to broadcasting content on the platform. Since its launch, it has invited educators, writers, and filmmakers with concepts for educational web shows and movies. Whether the contributor is willing to grow their teaching business or get their show/movie produced, Aagam helps them produce quality content at the most economical rates and provides them with all relevant resources. To enhance the quality of its offerings, the OTT platform has tied up with a renowned Bollywood production house for creating content that fires on all cylinders.

For more information about Aagam, visit their official website or download the “Aagam” app from Google Play/iOS App Store.

About Aagam

Aagam is an OTT platform dedicated to creating and streaming educational content. Launched on the 28th of May, 2021, Aagam’s motto of “Watch, Learn, Apply” helps students of all ages consume educational content on the platform, connect with dedicated experts to enhance their knowledge, and assess the same by taking exams and quizzes on the topics learned. The OTT platform rewards the most consistent students with monthly scholarships and certificates. Aagam allows educators from across the country to get listed on the platform for reaching out to their audience.

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