CityGlide builds a robust employee transport system in India

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], April 27: India has begun the economic recovery post-COVID-19. The year 2021 looks hopeful while the Government of India is adopting the “Make in India” approach to help local businesses grow. Founded in 2018 CityGlide launched its new edge employee transport solution or staff transportation solution today. The technology called “Commute” is here to change the face of the employee transport system thus helping the recovery faster as corporate’s plunge to get the employees back to their office. CityGlide announces its services in four cities in Phase 1 – Pune, Mumbai, Chennai, and Ahmedabad to begin with. There will be 1500 cars in the fleet and will scale up to 5X with the help of technology and by digitising the transportation by end of 2021.

Kunal Kharat, Director who has an experienced team and someone who has earlier delivered a cumulative 1.2 billion km in this space and counting, quips, “Handling volume with total compliance is our unique selling proposition and our strong operations team ensures there is a proper handshake with technology. The gap is addressed to enhance the travel experience thus focusing on the efficacy and reducing the travel management operations cost.”

Dharrit Shah, CityGlide Director adds, “Technology and PAN India presence will be our core focus for the next two years and more strategy in place for EV vehicles. We have a PAN India strategy in place and the demand in India for intelligent safe and sustainable transport solutions is tremendous. I’m proud and delighted that we will hopefully be taking a leading role and try to carve a niche for future employee transportation in India and APAC region”.

Arun Kharat, CEO shares “The staff transportation solution needed an upgraded version to cater to the increasing demands and CityGlide has the potential to help corporates with the transport management outsourcing model. We have a PAN India plan in place while our technology research team is constantly working on building a globally integrated technology to make this adaptable in other parts of the World.”

Ganesh Somwanshi, Founder and Alliance Partner, Krescendo Communications exults, “ASIA has the potential to respond quicker to recovery post-COVID-19, and corporates are looking at an innovative employee transportation ecosystem. It is time to break the silo and get hooked on to the technology which would help in seamless integration for employee transportation. Let’s work together towards a better future for ASIA.”

Cityglide has a niche offering with total automation and digitization of transport is the key for driving into the fast lane.

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